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Escala de Calidad de Vida Familiar: validación y análisis en población chilena

SOTO CARO, Ariel, Universidad de Concepción

BELLO-ESCAMILLA, Natalia et al. Family Quality of Life Scale (FQLS): validation and analysis in a Chilean population. Univ. Psychol. [online]. 2017, vol.16, n.4, pp.20-29. ISSN 1657-9267.


The aim of this research is to validate the Family Quality of Life Scale (FQLS) in a Chilean population and to analyze the factor structure (scope) of this research tool through the critical area map. Cross-sectional, correlational, and causal study was carry on 316 families. The Spanish version of the FQSL was used. An exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was conducted. Results showed Cronbach´s alpha for the FQLS subscales on Importance rate was 0.884 and on Satisfaction 0.891. The exploratory factor analysis found five dimensions for both categories, and the confirmatory factor analysis showed factor loadings greater than 0.5 for each dimension. Regarding discriminant validity, the cross-loadings varied between 0.64 to 0.97 on Importance and 0.62 to 0.98 on Satisfaction. In relation to convergent validity, each dimension reached a variance above 0.5. Conclusions of the study proved a reliable and valid tool to measure features of family quality of life in a Chilean population. The instrument has high levels of internal consistency and suitable discriminant and convergent validity.

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