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Caracterización de los consumidores chilenos de aceite de oliva: un análisis exploratorio aplicado a la región del Biobío



This study was focused on the preferences and habits of a non-traditional country for olive oil consumption, the Chilean market; a descriptive approach was used to meet two objectives: i) to determine the frequency of purchase, olive oil consumption habits and preferences of consumers in the Chilean market, and ii) to determine to what extent some socio-demographic variables explain the frequency of purchase of the product. Experimental data were used, which were obtained from a face-to-face survey applied to a representative sample of 300 subjects stratified by sex, age, and residential district in the city of Chillán (Province of Ñuble). Results showed that this product is not fully incorporated in the eating habits of the population because it is used rather sporadically and for some specific preparations. As in other non-traditional markets, this product is associated with people from a medium to high socioeconomic status. It is necessary for companies to conduct consumer education campaigns as well as increased product promotion to boost the consumption of this product.


Keywords: Olive oil,  onsumption, Chile

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